Multi-state lawsuit to stop Health Care Reform is a Gamble

A joint multi-state lawsuit has been filed challenging the health care reform bill passed by the Obama administration earlier this year. A federal judge approved the lawsuit to go forward and called the defense of the Democrats an “Alice in Wonderland” argument.

Minnesota Governor and potential 2008 V.P. candidate Tim Pawlenty joined the party this week. Pawlenty filed a legal brief in hopes to join the multi-state lawsuit. Pawlenty has been an outspoken opponent of Obama care. The lawsuit could also help spotlight Pawlenty for any V.P. or even Presidential hopes in 2012.

Pawlenty told CNN this week, “I think Obamacare is one of the worst pieces of legislation passed in the modern history of the country, “I’m doing everything I can in Minnesota to stop, delay or avoid implementation in my state, including signing an executive order saying we’re not going to participate unless required by law or approved by me.”

Minnesota has been ordered by Pawlenty to ignore discretionary grants that come from the new health care legislation as well as oppose enrolling more people in Medicare via a federal offer.

The lawsuit is scheduled to move forward on December 16 which is the scheduled trial date. A collection of state attorney generals and governors hope to bring this lawsuit all the way to the Supreme Court. The possibilities of this happening are very real.

In my opinion, it may almost be better for the GOP to lose this lawsuit. A win without a solution could be used in political rhetoric in the 2012 campaigning by the democrats. The desperate-crats are looking for anything to campaign on besides their record. Smart democrats will point to the gridlock of this lawsuit as a reason to keep them in power and move forward with four more years of Obama care.

In the end it is just the usual game of political game of checkers with the American people being used as pawns. Millions of Americans believe that the health care legislation was crap. Yet at the same time, millions of Americans do believe that there should be reform. Doing something is not better than doing nothing. I just hope that if the states do win this lawsuit that there is a plan B here because just stopping the health reform without a solution is going to do nobody any favors.

Especially republicans looking to take back the office in 2012.

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Is Obama Health Care Reform Entirely Good?

When people are talking to their friends or colleagues about their health conditions, there is a pretty good chance that they will find out in the end that their health conditions may play a role which is significantly important in their life. Without being healthy, they will find out that it is useless for them to work hard within every single day, from morning till night. Without being healthy, life is not a gift. It is a pain instead. Therefore, there are now quite a large number of people who are trying to do their best in order to get their own health insurance plan.

However, prior to signing up for any plan with any particular health insurance service provider, people should be aware of quite a wide variety of things that exist in terms of health insurance. This is even more so these days due to the issue of Obama health care reform plan. But what is so important about such a reform plan? And is it actually entirely good?

Well, there may be pros and cons with regards to the health care reform plan. To some people, this reform plan may seem to be quite a good and brilliant idea. For example, to those people who have problems of pre-existing conditions, this reform plan may sound like a great solution for those people with pre-existing conditions. This is because the health insurance service providers will not have the power any longer to reject the insurance application from such customers.

Another good thing may well be obtained by those more average people. This is possible because those people who are able to afford two hundred thousand dollars or up within a year will be charged with higher taxes. Then, what those people pay will be used for the purpose of subsidizing other sectors such as small businesses, necessary treatment with concerns to some serious illnesses such as cancer and, needless to say, there are still a lot of others to mention.

However, there are also quite a large percentage of people who strongly disagree with the health care reform plan. By the year 2014, if this plan is approved and implemented, every single one of the citizens will have to sign themselves up for insurance. If the government finds out that they do not conform to this rule, they will then be charged with quite a high penalty.

Also, what a lot of people do not really like about this plan is that socialized medicine will be used for treatments. Such medicine is usually a lot cheaper and thus most people doubt the quality of it. However, the plan is not really socialist. What can be considered to be socialist enough about it is that it expands Medicare, it will come with a website sponsored by the government itself and that there will be credits given by the government to look for even more preventative medicines.

Shortly speaking, the Obama healthcare reform plan may seem to be good in some ways. Yet, in some other ways, people may well consider this plan to be disadvantageous enough.

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What to Know in Obama Health Care Reform

Speaking of health conditions, there is a pretty good chance that there are quite a large number of people out there who wish to pay for health insurance, no matter how much it takes in order to maintain themselves healthy. These kinds of people usually realize that without health, all the money they have managed to earn pretty hard will be of little to no use at all. They will not be able to experience the gifts life may have for them. This is why they always try to pay a very careful attention when it comes to medical insurance plans.

However, today, they may have to pay even more careful attention. This is because of the Obama health care reform plan. Regarding this plan, there are quite a few things that they will need to know about. Here are the things:

• The health insurance service providers in existence will no longer have the power to keep away from having to insure those people who come up to them with some pre-existing conditions.
• In order for the small business owners to be able to make a purchase on their insurance plans, they will be handed over some tax credits. These tax credits are planned to reach an amount of up to fifty percent of the premium rates that they will have to pay for their insurance plans.
• Senior Medicare citizens with expenditure exceeding $2700 will be given more coverage in the health insurance plans they have signed up for.
• The youths will be able to make use of the insurance plans of their parents until they happen to reach the age of 27 years old.
• There will no longer be any limit of the amount that the health insurance service providers can pay the insured parties when this Obama health care reform plan becomes effective.
• Every single insurance plan will have to use preventative care.
• The reform plan will ban insurance service providers for cutting the sick people.
• Customers, or the insured parties, will have the capability of appealing coverage decisions. This may sound like quite a good thing for the customers.
• The health care reform plan will demand a tax of as many as 10 percent on indoor tanning which will then be used for the purpose of funding such as small business subsidization, treatment on serious diseases such as cancer and still a lot of other things to name.
• The insurance companies may well have the ability to decrease expenses. This is possible because there will be new procedures to help the companies keep themselves away from insurance fraud.
• Rural areas may obtain some benefits. Medicare is planned to reach the more rural areas with this healthcare reform plan. It is often the case that at the present time most rural areas do not have any access to insurance.
• Eighty five percent of what NPO spends their money on will be checked to find out if the percentage of the money goes along with the procedures.
• Every restaurant will have to reveal health care information such as the percentage of fat, calories and so on.
• The government will sponsor a website that will help customers find insurance in an easier way.
• There will be credit from the government for the companies looking for new preventative care treatment.

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What People Think about Obama’s Health Care Reform

When it comes to the health conditions of the people who are still able to survive living on this planet Earth, it is always a surefire that most people do care so much about their health conditions. People these days have become pretty aware of how important their health conditions may turn out to be.

Without stable health conditions, they are not quite likely to be able to enjoy the pleasure life may offer them even if they have piles of money with them. Without stable health conditions, their hard earned money does not have any ability at all in order to make them happy. Those people who do not have stable health conditions will often end up having to spend every cent of their money to pay for the doctors periodically. This is why health insurance becomes very important.

However, there are quite a few things to which every single person living in this beloved Earth should pay careful attention. It is true that health insurance is very important. Unfortunately, it is often the case that most of the health insurance service providers which are available these days tend to keep away from insuring those people who happen to experience pre-conditions.

However, as a matter of fact, there is an issue today with regards to Obama health care reform. This reform may well help those with pre-existing conditions in order to achieve health insurance. This is because the insurance companies will no longer be able to exclude such people from being insured if this health care reform is eventually approved by the year 2014. The reform plan is also planned to cover insurance to the rural areas where there may well happen to be out of reach of the insurance companies these days.

Yet, even though to some people the health care reform of President Barrack Obama may seem to be good, it is in fact considered to be pretty annoying by quite a large portion of people out there. If the reform is set into place in the end, everyone will be required to sign up for an insurance plan in terms of health. Otherwise, they may end up having to pay a penalty.

The parties that may well happen to disagree with the healthcare reform plan the most may well turn out to be those insurance service providers which are in existence out there today. Those insurance service providers out there will no longer be able to make any discrimination and this is why they are not able any longer to exclude those people with pre-existing conditions from their insurance plans. The insurance companies will be monitored, for they will be required to comply with all the new rules that are going to be made clear by the year 2014.

However, those average people who do not make up to two hundred thousand dollars annually may find this healthcare reform to their advantage. This is because those other people who earn that amount or more in a year will have to pay higher taxes which will be used for subsidization for the more average people.

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Federal Health Care Reform To Cost States

Moody’s Investors Service broke the news that states will see increased costs with federal health care reform. States will be hit hard on Medicaid. The report only bolsters critics of health care reform feel tax payers will be paying for the health care agenda of the Obama administration.

Starting in 2014, the report indicates that Medicaid changes will hit states the hardest. According to reports, Medicaid accounts for 20 % of state’s budgets in its current state. The obvious math here means that Medicaid expansion will increase costs. States in the midst of a budget crisis like California are in some serious trouble once these health care changes come into play in 2014.

Michigan, another troubled state is already warning tax payers of increased fiscal demands related to Medicaid expansion. Reports indicate that Michigan will wind up paying over $200 million annually in new costs. Indiana is also warning their tax payers of increased financial demands.

My biggest issue with health care reform has been the secrecy when it comes to new costs. Nobody has given any definitive answers as to how much this will cost the taxpayers. While health care reform is necessary, it needs to be done correctly. For every analyst that tells me it won’t increase my costs, another two tell me it will. I fear that the rash changes will cripple any economic recovery seen over the last year plus. I hope I am wrong, but I just don’t see where the money is going to come from to cover these increased costs.

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