Notes On Health Care Reform

Recently, health care reform made major headlines with the passage of an all-new unheard of progression in universal health care in the United States. Although many people were protesting the idea, the government of the United States has really made strides helping millions of people get coverage. So what’s all the hype about? Well, the White House has given up some great bullet points and it’s actually easier to understand than most people think.

The new health care reform platform makes insurance affordable. It provides a great middle class tax cut, and reduces the premiums that families have to pay. It also helps millions of Americans that were previously uncovered, get coverage at a low cost or no cost. It has been stated that 95% of Americans will be covered by the new insurance. The budget and economy is also on the radar, with the government claiming it puts the budget and economy on a more stable position and reduces the overall deficit we are in by more than $100 billion dollars in the next ten years time.

Some of the other benefits that are coming to light with health care reform are a strengthening of Medicare benefits and producing lower prescription drug costs for many different people. Furthermore, the changes will help people that lose their job or change their jobs to get competitive health insurance without additional costs and keeping hope alive for those that are struggling with life’s changes. While there are opponents to the overall changes, the United States is putting their best foot forward to help change the face of health care in America.

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