Is Obama Health Care Reform Entirely Good?

When people are talking to their friends or colleagues about their health conditions, there is a pretty good chance that they will find out in the end that their health conditions may play a role which is significantly important in their life. Without being healthy, they will find out that it is useless for them to work hard within every single day, from morning till night. Without being healthy, life is not a gift. It is a pain instead. Therefore, there are now quite a large number of people who are trying to do their best in order to get their own health insurance plan.

However, prior to signing up for any plan with any particular health insurance service provider, people should be aware of quite a wide variety of things that exist in terms of health insurance. This is even more so these days due to the issue of Obama health care reform plan. But what is so important about such a reform plan? And is it actually entirely good?

Well, there may be pros and cons with regards to the health care reform plan. To some people, this reform plan may seem to be quite a good and brilliant idea. For example, to those people who have problems of pre-existing conditions, this reform plan may sound like a great solution for those people with pre-existing conditions. This is because the health insurance service providers will not have the power any longer to reject the insurance application from such customers.

Another good thing may well be obtained by those more average people. This is possible because those people who are able to afford two hundred thousand dollars or up within a year will be charged with higher taxes. Then, what those people pay will be used for the purpose of subsidizing other sectors such as small businesses, necessary treatment with concerns to some serious illnesses such as cancer and, needless to say, there are still a lot of others to mention.

However, there are also quite a large percentage of people who strongly disagree with the health care reform plan. By the year 2014, if this plan is approved and implemented, every single one of the citizens will have to sign themselves up for insurance. If the government finds out that they do not conform to this rule, they will then be charged with quite a high penalty.

Also, what a lot of people do not really like about this plan is that socialized medicine will be used for treatments. Such medicine is usually a lot cheaper and thus most people doubt the quality of it. However, the plan is not really socialist. What can be considered to be socialist enough about it is that it expands Medicare, it will come with a website sponsored by the government itself and that there will be credits given by the government to look for even more preventative medicines.

Shortly speaking, the Obama healthcare reform plan may seem to be good in some ways. Yet, in some other ways, people may well consider this plan to be disadvantageous enough.

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