What People Think about Obama’s Health Care Reform

When it comes to the health conditions of the people who are still able to survive living on this planet Earth, it is always a surefire that most people do care so much about their health conditions. People these days have become pretty aware of how important their health conditions may turn out to be.

Without stable health conditions, they are not quite likely to be able to enjoy the pleasure life may offer them even if they have piles of money with them. Without stable health conditions, their hard earned money does not have any ability at all in order to make them happy. Those people who do not have stable health conditions will often end up having to spend every cent of their money to pay for the doctors periodically. This is why health insurance becomes very important.

However, there are quite a few things to which every single person living in this beloved Earth should pay careful attention. It is true that health insurance is very important. Unfortunately, it is often the case that most of the health insurance service providers which are available these days tend to keep away from insuring those people who happen to experience pre-conditions.

However, as a matter of fact, there is an issue today with regards to Obama health care reform. This reform may well help those with pre-existing conditions in order to achieve health insurance. This is because the insurance companies will no longer be able to exclude such people from being insured if this health care reform is eventually approved by the year 2014. The reform plan is also planned to cover insurance to the rural areas where there may well happen to be out of reach of the insurance companies these days.

Yet, even though to some people the health care reform of President Barrack Obama may seem to be good, it is in fact considered to be pretty annoying by quite a large portion of people out there. If the reform is set into place in the end, everyone will be required to sign up for an insurance plan in terms of health. Otherwise, they may end up having to pay a penalty.

The parties that may well happen to disagree with the healthcare reform plan the most may well turn out to be those insurance service providers which are in existence out there today. Those insurance service providers out there will no longer be able to make any discrimination and this is why they are not able any longer to exclude those people with pre-existing conditions from their insurance plans. The insurance companies will be monitored, for they will be required to comply with all the new rules that are going to be made clear by the year 2014.

However, those average people who do not make up to two hundred thousand dollars annually may find this healthcare reform to their advantage. This is because those other people who earn that amount or more in a year will have to pay higher taxes which will be used for subsidization for the more average people.

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